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Missing you

Title: Missing you
Rating: G; fluff
Pairing: Xiuhan; cockblock chen lol
Word count: 1.093
Summary: Luhan is going back to home for two days and has something that he'll miss.

Missing you

        Luhan watched Lay as he finished packing their small bags. They were finally, after a long time without being able to see their families, going home for a visit. It wasn’t not much, only 2 days, but it was going to be nice to be home and just be themselves, without charges, without trials, without restriction of food and the fuss of dorm life, … without Minseok.

Luhan sighed so loudly that Lay turned to look at him.

“Hey. Something wrong?”, Lay asked. “Come on, we are going home. That is something to smile about.”

“ N-no, I’m happy. I’m just… tired.”, Luhan lied. He knew that his friend knew him well enough to know the real reason for his depressed sighs.

“I see.”, his friend said, patting him on the shoulder. “But you know, I don’t think he’ll actually die in 2 days. And we do live in an age where cellphones, e-mails, and other forms of communication exist, you know? You can simply cal…”

“WOOOA!”, Luhan shouted,interupting Lay. “Look at the time! We should get going, right? Let’s go. I’ll call the other guys.” Luhan jumped up of the bed and hurried out of the room. He didn’t really want to have that conversation with anyone, even Lay. He didn’t want anyone pointing out how silly he was being.”

“You can not run from this conversation, LuLu!”, Lay yelled from behind him, but Luhan just ignored him.

He and Minseok didn’t really have anything between them, not officially. Well, they liked each other and they both knew it, but that was it. No one had taken the first step yet, to make it more.

He headed to the living room to wait for the other members and laid on the couch. Luhan’s mind wandered and he thought, ‘Maybe I could call. Just to know how things are going. I mean, it’s not too strange to call someone you like, right? I mean, we are friends and band mates after all. So, it won’t be wei…’


That voice, so unique, interuppted his daydreaming and brought him back to reality. Luhan looked up to finding those eyes, so ridiculously beautiful, looking at him over a sweet side smile. Luhan sat up quickly, trying to fix his hair that had been crushed by sofa.

“Oh, hey Bao… I mean, Minseok.” Luha smiled and patted the seat next to him. “Please. Sit down.”

Minseok sat down and leaned back against the cushions. “Have you finished packing your things? You know, Kris will kick your ass if he catches you being lazy and not cleaning up after yourself”.

“Yeah, I know”, Luhan said with a smile as he imagined the scene. “But I already finished everything already. What about you?”

“Me too, I’m just waiting Jongdae finished pack his backpack and then manager hyung will take us home.” Minseok said cheerfully.

“Oh, I see.” Luhan tried his best smile and not show how frustrated he was to see that Minseok wasn’t as sad as he was about their looming seperation.

Maybe he was being silly. Maybe he was really worry for nothing. Or worse yet, maybe he was the only one that was going to feel the pain that the seperation would bring. That frustrated Luhan even more, making him feel like he was the only one having these feelings.

“Erhm … Luhan?”, Minseok said, pulling him back out of his reverie.


“Is that .. you know .. erm …”, Minseok stuttered while scratching his neck.

Luhan was struck again by how gorgeous Minseok was. He wondered how it was possible for someone to be that damn beautiful.

“Y-yes?”, he said, trying with all his might to control himself and not just throw himself onto the other man and squeeze him until he couldn’t breathe.

“I … I mean, this whole thing. You know, being away from each other. I’ll real…”

“HYUNG! I’M READY! LET’S GO!”, Jongdae shouted as he bounded into the room, interrupting their precious moment. Luhan gave him his best look of ‘get-out-here-now-if-you-love-your-life’, which Jongdae read loud and clear. “Wow, I forgot something-and h-hyung ….” He turned and walked quickly back to his room, shutting the door behind him.

“So. You were saying?”, Luhan said, turning back to Minseok.

“Oh. Uh, it’s that I really…”

“MINSEOK! JONGDAE! WE NEED GO!” This time it was the manager who entered the room interrupting them.

Luhan closed his eyes in frustration. “Why does everyone keep coming in at the wrong time?”, he thought to himself. Unfortunatly, he could not give his “look of death” to Manager.

“Minseok. Are you ready?”, their manager asked, looking at his watch impatiently.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m ready. I’ll go grab my stuff.” He said as he stood up, looking at Luhan awkwardly.

“Minseok-ah.” Luhan said softly.

“Luhan. Sorry, I gotta go, but .. hm .. have a good trip!”, he said as he gave him his smile, that was so stupidly beautiful that it hurt Luhan, and left.

On the plane, Luhan snorted, cursing every possible future generation of Jongdae and his Manager. How dare they interrupt his precious last moment with his beloved Baozi? That was not right. He gave another sigh and heard Lay laugh beside him, obviously laughing at him. Luhan was about to reach its limit of daily stress and was dangerously close to punching the first person he saw, when he felt his phone vibrate. He picked it up and saw a message:

“Hey, erhm .. well, I wish I had been able to talk to you sooner, but I think fate was against it. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ nway, I just wanted to say that I’m going to miss you. I mean, it’s silly I know. We will only be apart for two days, but I’ll miss you anyway. >////<  woa, i'm feeling like a teenager ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway, good trip, Luhan! ~~~~ ♥
PS: bring gifts for me! ㅋㅋㅋ seriously ¬¬. “

Luhan’s face broke into a smile. Not any smile, but a smile from the heart. He was so happy he was practically jumping out of his seat as he held the phone against his chest. So his baozi would miss him too. So he was not alone in this ‘unspoken relationship’. Two days seemed so long, but he could rest now knowing that what would be waiting for him. Starting with hugging Minseok like there was no tomorrow. Because now it wasn’t just Luhan who would be going through two long days of longing. Now he new that it was a mutual longing.


Well, that was my first fic, i really like write this! I saw lulu pics at airport and this came to my mind. Special thanks for my gorgeous unnie noonas_secret whos revised and corrected my mistakes, give a lot of love to her ok? Well, that's it. Thank you for read me! 

Tags: fluff, oneshot, xiuhan

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